If meat matters to you, then welcome to Gourmeats – we’ve got the best.

And you’ll be delighted by the value we offer too. Great meat doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Based in Havelock North, and serving private and food service customers all over the North Island, Gourmeats sources only the finest quality meats from the best and most ethical suppliers.

Gourmeats is known as the Chef’s butcher – we supply the finest cuts to a range of top restaurants.

We have an extensive range of fresh New Zealand meat, including aged beef, grass-fed lamb, free range pork and chicken and wild game, making Gourmeats the perfect place to shop for your meat.

And we also offer an exciting range of Gourmeats Meat Boxes to suit every occasion – available to buy online.

With our team of friendly and expert butchers, there’s always someone available to make sure you get the meat you want. And that’s important, because meat does matter.

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Gourmeats offers a year round supply of top quality, ethically raised, New Zealand grown meats.

Our suppliers include:

Wakanui Beef –grass-fed, grain finished 80-100 days from the South Island.
Famous for its unrivalled succulence, flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture, and always aged for a minimum of 21 days.

Ovation Lamb – grass-fed free-range lamb from Hawkes Bay. All lambs are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically engineered feed. Processed with skill and care, Ovation lamb meets the highest international quality standards.

Freedom Farms Pork – Pork produced from high welfare farms where the pigs have been properly fed and naturally raised.

Bostocks Chicken – Organic and free-range from Hawkes Bay, these chickens have been fed on a wholesome diet of certified organic, lush, green grass and juicy organic apples as well as home-grown feed, including corn and barley.

Premium Game – Certified wild game products sourced in South Island by registered hunters. Rabbit, hare, goat etc.

Butchers with knowledge, expertise and passion

Meet The Team

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David Thompson


Dave is our larger than life personality. He's an excellent cook who will always advise you on the best way to cook a piece of meat.

He originally trained as a butcher in the UK, and has been involved in Hawke's Bay hospitality for over 20 years.

In 2014 Dave and Michelle opened Gourmeats, with the aim of providing delicious meat at great prices.

When he's not in the shop, Dave spends a lot of time talking to chefs about new menu ideas and what products Gourmeats can source for them.

And of course he loves meat - talking about meat, looking at meat, buying and selling meat, cooking meat and eating meat.

Exactly what you want in a butcher!


Mark Coleman


Mark has been a butcher for over 20 years, half of which have been spent in food service.

He has an exceptional understanding of the hospitality industry and knows exactly what chef's require.

To him, each cut of meat is a potentially exciting dish. Mark and his family are often to be found sampling what various chefs have produced from Gourmeats range.

If you struggle with the daily question of “what shall we eat tonight”, come and see Mark in our retail store: he's full of great ideas and cooking tips.


Adam Brough

Butchery Assistant

Adam, from California, is the newest member of the Gourmeats team.

He admires New Zealand's farming way of life, especially being able to see the path from paddock to plate.

He loves retail butchering and enjoys chatting with customers about meat and how they cook it.

Adam also works with Mark and Dave for our food service customers.


Michelle Kittow


Growing up on a farm in Central Hawke's Bay gave Michelle a real appreciation of good meat.

She met Dave in the UK, whilst on her OE, and they settled in Havelock 20 years ago.

Michelle always shared Dave's vision for a butchers which sold only the best meat. This same vision is extended in creating the smart, customer-friendly design of the Gourmeats retail store.

She runs the admin side of the business, managing the food service accounts, and occasionally helps out behind the counter on busy days.

Michelle is also constantly on the lookout for new products to complement the existing range and delight customers.